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Moving a building today is a very sophisticated process that utilizes patented mechanical and hydraulic jacking systems and electric rolling and rotating dollies. House movers with the use of these specialized equipment has sped-up the process and dramatically improved the end product, since damage to the structure is minimized. Deconstruction offers many benefits. It saves landfill space, preserves embodied energy and results in a tax deduction when the materials are donated to a qualified nonprofit such as TRP. However, numerous materials remain following deconstruction that are ultimately lost, including stucco, drywall and plaster, most roofing materials other than tile and...

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Pre-Civil War Era House Move

Pre-Civil War era building mover brought back to original location at Fort Hoskins

Pre-Civil War era house brought back to original location at Fort Hoskins Men placed greased timber planking under the two-story house and skidded the structure — with a footprint of 25-by-36 feet — down an embankment. The former post commander’s house at Fort Hoskins was then floated on the Luckiamute River a few miles away to its new location in the rural community of Pedee. Or, according to a different telling, beasts of burden hauled the house away from Fort Hoskins along the old fort road. No matter how the men in 1869 or 1870 moved the pre-Civil War era...

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The Discovery Channel’s “Monster Moves” Film Crew Was On Site

Discovery Channel Monster Move

Many spectators and a few unwitting travelers watched history being preserved Sunday as a 100-ton Southern Pacific rotary snow plow was trucked from Chiloquin’s rail line to its final resting place at Train Mountain. “It came off pretty smooth,” said Steve Panzik, a Train Mountain member and preservation enthusiast. “It’s been a good effort from everybody concerned.” A monster move    The Discovery Channel’s “Monster Moves” film crew was on hand to document the task for the television show’s fourth season. Director Chuck Scott’s crew consisted of three Portland-area camera operators, three Canadian operators and Aaron Bentson, a Chiloquin resident...

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