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We Buy Houses | Ugly Houses

We Buy Houses | Ugly Houses | we Buy Ugly Houses


We buy houses in any and all conditions. So, regardless if your home is as pretty as a peach, or even if your home needs a lot of repairs, we will gladly purchase it in its “As Is” condition. We can even buy houses that have fire damage, mold issues, termite or pest infestations, foundation problems, roofing or structural issues, plumbing or electrical problems, been vandalized, or code violations. And so long as the home can be repaired in time, we can even buy the home if it is currently condemned.

We buy houses fast! If you find that you need to move like yesterday, have no fear. We can get the process rolling right away. And in most states, we can usually close in just 10 days from the moment you first contact us. And if you have a really pressing situation, sometimes we can even close in just a few days if need be.

We even buy houses in any price range. Since we have local branches and home buyers all throughout the USA, we buy properties in all types of neighborhoods. So even if you your home is in a small rural town, or if it is a high end beach front property, we would like the opportunity to buy it from you.

We buy most any property types. We buy single family houses, condos, town houses, patio homes and lofts. We also buy some multi-family properties like duplexes, triplexes, and fourplex. However, we typically do not buy mobile homes or commercial properties.

We buy probate and inherited properties. Sometimes you may inherit a property in an area that you no longer live in. Even if it used to be the very home you grew up in, maintaining and managing a second home may prove to be more difficult than you first expected.

We buy rental properties too. If you are a landlord that no longer wants to keep your rental homes, you can sell them directly to Finally Sold. Regardless if they are occupied by paying or nonpaying tenants, or even if they are vacant, our house buyers would love the opportunity to buy them all.

We buy homes that are already listed with RealtorsTM too. Make sure you provide us with the real estate agent’s contact information so that they can let us know if there are any commissions that will still need to be paid out to them at the closing.

We buy properties that are in foreclosure or in bankruptcy. Regardless of what you current financial situation is, sometimes it makes since to bring in a company that buys houses like us to write a check to make the problem go away. So, if you have gotten to the point where you no longer want to fight that stressful battle with the banks of making those high monthly mortgage payments, let us step in and help out.

Tell us about your situation.  Many developers and home owners do not realize the demolition and removal of a house or building can be much more cost effective to have it moved rather than taken down. 

Contact us before you hire a demolition crew on your next project. We Buy Houses!