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Building Moving | Building Relocation

As fourth generation house movers; we specialize in building moving, building relocation, house lifting and house raising,  historical building relocation, foundation leveling, and foundation lifts, on both residential and commercial structures. Finding the right company to become your official house mover can be a daunting decision.  You want the best service at the best price when moving a house.

Unlevel buildings in need of foundation leveling are the result of weak ground and/or subsidence. The appearance of internal or external wall cracks, inability to open and close windows and doors, cracked floors and more can all signal an unlevel building.  Once a building becomes unlevel, it is important to fix it right away, or risk further damage and potential hazards. This requires raising, re-leveling, and re-supporting unlevel buildings by treating the foundation subsidence beneath them which, in turn, allows for the foundation slab to return to level.

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Building Moving & Building Relocation Technology

DENT NATIONAL INC. doesn’t just move your buildings with generations of experience but also with some of the most state of the art equipment. DENT NATIONAL INC. has a variety of prime movers, multiple modern hydraulic unified jacking machines  We have a diverse assortment of moving dollies from standard 30 ton to our 50 and 70 ton self steering/powered hydraulic ram dollies.Take a look at our structural moving equipment & technology page for more information. We maintain a large variety of transport equipment available to us including our Self-Propelled Hydraulic Power Dollies which allows us to move your building in the safest and most efficient manner possible without the need of a pull truck. This is beneficial in tight areas, especially on narrow city streets or lots.

Building Moving & Building Relocation Photos

We have started to collect some of the photos of some of our house moving and house leveling projects.  As you can imagine most often it is difficult to catch a good photo while you are working.  However here are a few photos of projects from the past to the present.  We will continue to up load house leveling photos as we get the time. We also add to our blog.

Building Moving & Building Relocation Quotes

Need an estimate for your next house moving project?  We have recently added this new house leveling quote form you can fill out and get a good idea of what you are looking at for costs.  We do offer financing as well.

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