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Moving a building today is a very sophisticated process that utilizes patented mechanical and hydraulic jacking systems and electric rolling and rotating dollies. House movers with the use of these specialized equipment has sped-up the process and dramatically improved the end product, since damage to the structure is minimized.

Deconstruction offers many benefits. It saves landfill space, preserves embodied energy and results in a tax deduction when the materials are donated to a qualified nonprofit such as TRP.

However, numerous materials remain following deconstruction that are ultimately lost, including stucco, drywall and plaster, most roofing materials other than tile and slate, and 100 percent of the labor it took to design and build the structure.

When a building is relocated, most, if not all, of these items are saved. All that remains are the foundation, driveways and walkways.

House Movers Near Me | House Movers | Whole House Movers

Shown in the photo above is of a 1,200 ft2 house in Powell Butte, Oregon that was moved one mile up the road to serve as housing for a ranch hand on a 200 acre ranch. The house was lifted using four stationary hydraulic jacks, so that steel beams can be placed then raised on mobile hydraulic dollys then pulled by a 5 ton truck. Please contact us for a free estimate.