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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will it cost to move my house?

  • Moving a house or building is a process of many important detailed steps. There are many aspects to be considered such as: the size of the structure, the location of the house, the distance it needs to be moved and the age of the building. Please contact us for a personalized estimate.

  • What permits are needed to move my house and who is responsible for getting them?

  • Before the move is made, it is a necessity that you contact the building inspector responsible for both the original location of the house as well as the site on which the house it to be moved. James Dent Structural Movers has had an abundance of house moving experience and will assist you in the process.

  • Does moving a house or building decrease the integrity of the structure?

  • James Dent Structural Movers are accomplished house and building movers that know exactly what to do. Our equipment is specifically geared towards this type of job. When a move is done correctly, the integrity of the structure should not be affected.

  • Can additions such as garages and porches also be moved?

  • Most additions can be moved with the structure. James Dent Structural Movers will be able to determine if such an addition is unable to be relocated.

  • My house is located in a flood zone. Can you help?

  • Definitely. Many people love their homes and lots, but are constantly worried about flooding. We can raise your house so you can maintain your property without worrying every time there is a hard rain.

  • Will James Dent Structural Movers excavate the basement under my house or will I need to hire a separate contractor?

  • We are highly skilled at excavating basements under raised structures. Our employees are expertly trained to dig out basements while maintaining all safety measures unique to a house raising.

  • How do I find a qualified contractor to disconnect and then reconnect all utilities?

  • James Dent Structural Movers can advise you in finding a local mechanical contractor who can provide you with the necessary services. We will work closely with the contractor you choose to ensure a safe and efficient move.

  • Who is responsible for any damages that may occur?

  • Although it is exceptionally rare, James Dent Structural Movers is prepared for any damages. We are amply insured to cover any damages caused to your structure or any other person’s personal property. We are insured not only during the moving process but also for raising the house. A substandard house moving company or a general contractor cannot provide this assurance. The insurance we carry goes beyond the liability coverage that most companies purchase.

  • I have a historic building I would like moved. Will moving the building change its classification?

  • Most likely, but the move needs to be discussed with the appropriate State Historic Preservation officer.

  • Do I need to buy separate insurance to cover the building move?

  • Although James Dent Structural Movers carries ample insurance for the raising and moving of your structure, it is wise to purchase short term insurance to cover unseen complications that may arise that we cannot control such as previous structure faults or the inadequate insurance coverage of other contractors you may employ.

  • If you have any other questions that are not addressed above, please to not hesitate to contact us. We are prepared to answer any questions you may have.