EST. 1975 LIC# 219699

Oregon House and Structure Mover


Oregon house and building relocation company, Dent National Inc. is proud to say, our business, on large part, is due to repeat clients and client referrals.  Dent National Inc. supplies personalized service to each project providing our customers with the confidence and trust that their project is our priority. Our team has over 100 years of cumulative experience that covers every aspect of structural moving, lifting and building and it is this Multi faceted level of knowledge that gives us an edge in this field.

We are not the biggest structural mover around…and we don’t need or want to be!

What we are is a family owned and have four generations of experience in building & house moving.  Each project presents its own, sometimes unique problems that need to be resolved. We feel that each job deserves our very best and most qualified and that is why with every job you will get.

James Dent personally provides every aspect of the structural moving process from setting jacks and and working side-by-side with his crew, to facilitating and obtaining permits, dealing with utilities companies and governmental agencies.  This sets him apart from his competitors.  James is determined to keep a personal relationship with his clients on every project.

 There is no house lifting and structural moving university, no degree or certificate to be obtained. The knowledge that is necessary to be successful and safe can only be obtained through years of training under a structural movers who has been in the field for many years.

you could say it’s in our blood!

James Dent, Dent National Inc.